Portrait – 1st edition – 217

In this edition, we’re highlighting outstanding portrait photographs that capture the unique essence of each subject. Portrait photography is more than just taking pictures; it’s an art form that skillfully freezes moments, revealing the individual’s character. Our featured images showcase diverse subjects, skillfully framed to emphasize their distinct personalities.

The photographers demonstrate exceptional mastery, using light, shadow, and expression to create compelling visual narratives. Explore the captivating world of portrait photography with us, where each frame tells a story and invites you to appreciate the depth of the human experience. Enjoy the simplicity and power of these images that go beyond the visual, reaching into the soul of the subjects.

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Front cover: 

Model: Evelina, Canada 

Photographer: Maria Potashova 

Back cover: 

Model: Carolina, USA

Photographer: Alina Mocanasu 

Featured photographers:

P J Images, De Donkere Kamer, Akanimo – Ziggler’s Lens, Steve Rolfe, Copper Candid MidWest Photographer, David Suárez Álvarez, Kelly Prickett, Gosia Zalinska Fotografia, Amanda Bergeron, Lindsay McAdam, Alina Mocanasu, Gabriela Juri, Crimson and Clover Studios, Sarah Swift Photography, Alicja Galant, Sandra H. Bentes, Tim Ek, Cheryl L Jackson, Jennifer Stanley, Annika Rose, Stephanie Murphy-Fictum, Tina Demasi, Keltsey LaPlante, DarkRey Images, Dee Kirkman, Maria Potashova, Veronika Mašková Photo 

  Featured models:

Dark Raven, Djowan, Du Du, Ruby, Alexa, Rachel, Chloe, Lusia, Coleman Family, Zephyr McAdam & Nimbus Sutcliffe, Carolina, Diana, Hallie, Erica & Zac, Olivia, Grasiela Pacheco, Lilly, Samantha Caldwell, Jennea Welch, Charlotte Blum, Sarah & Ramsey Audiss, Ava, Shelby Hall, Lidiya Mayve, Renee Astill, Evelina, Veronika 

In this issue models and photographers from:

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada , Cuba, Czechia, Germany, Netherlands, Nigeria, Poland, Scotland, UK, USA

Portrait – 1st edition – 217


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