We run a few different types of features, where your image(s) will be placed depends on your submission. Models, photographers, MUA and designers can submit but we will need the photographers and models permission. We prefer variety in your submission – so not endless images of the same model in the same outfit but in slightly different poses.

You have to submit photograph related to chosen theme. You can find theme calendar in HERE.

When you are editing your image for the Lensational Magazine, you want the size to be:

8.5×11 – 3300 x 2550 – and 300 dpi. Then you crop it the way you want. Do this as a copy and don’t resample the image.

Lensational Magazine require your business address for GEOLOCATION feature on Lensational website. See more HERE

When clients reach the address entry stage of a Lenseeker search engine, rather than having to manually type an address, geolocation allows them to simply click a point on a map

Geolocation can only help improve your local business.

Being present in our spaces allow artists to share new photographs in creative ways. 

You Will be “Googleable” – A list of featured models and photographers is on Lensational Magazine website and makes it easy for people to browse your name and become familiar with your work. That’s good news for your link-building efforts: The more sites that link to your website, the more popular – and visible – you will be in search engine results. Go to the Latest Issue and check the “credits” content.

Free Advanced Photographer Search Registration – Lenseeker network gives you access to talented photographers and models across the world.

Go to the Lenseeker and check Lensational search engine.

Global Presence – Once published, a digital or printed magazine will be globally available. Photographer/Model can reach a worldwide audience to share their work. Moreover, the readers may easily share magazines among their friends and family, which further enhances the publication’s user base. Lensational Magazine allow to send content to readers no matter their location.

For more information visit our website at:

Benefits of Getting Your Photos Published in a Magazine


Absolutely not! Artists who request tear-sheets are presented with their sample pages within 48-72 hours. Purchasing the official print copy of the magazine is completely up to you.

Our most popular method of buying the publication is through our online store.

Although, we’d love to give away thousands of free magazines the publication does cost our company money to produce, print and ship therefore it is not feasible for us to give everyone free copies. However, everyone featured in the magazine will have the opportunity to see their features/spreads without need of purchase, simply email us to request your free sample!

We are working tirelessly to achieve the best results for our contributors, and there are numerous benefits to being featured on our platform. These include listings in our search engines, features in our blog posts, and the possibility of being published in our magazines and social media platforms.

We are committed to our mission of supporting artists and promoting their work, and we plan to offer compensation to all featured artists in the future as we grow and expand our platform. Our goal is to create a platform that brings joy and benefits to photographers and models.

Thank you for considering our platform, and we look forward to the possibility of working with you.

We keep this to an absolute minimum so please contact us for rates.
Anyone who is over the age of 18 is welcome to apply! To be a Lensational Brand Ambassador, you must be active on Instagram and preferably on other social media platforms as well. We’re currently accepting applications from all over the world! Submit your application today HERE

Our presets were created to transform your photos in just a click! No experience needed. 

Yes! All of our preset collections are instant download.

Yes! You may use our presets to edit an unlimited amount of photos.

All of our preset collections are a one-time payment. There are no on-going fees or subscriptions required to use our presets.

Due to the nature of digital products, we cannot issue a refund once the files have been downloaded. That is standard policy in the digital industry.

However, we will consider granting a refund that meets certain internal criteria (e.g. duplicate order), and will grant refunds at our reasonable discretion. Nothing herein grants an obligation by Lensational Magazine Limited to issue a refund.

We stand behind our products and with our customers! We take great care of our customers. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or concerns and we’ll be happy to help.

To alleviate blurry photographs make sure of the following:

  • Requirements for profile photo: Dimensions – 1X1 (square), Maximum Size – 1mb, minimum width 950px
  • Upload photo from Laptop/PC
  • You are uploading the original resized photo to website, not an image copied and saved from another website or social media channel. 
  • You do not crop in too much to your image which will distort the pixelation.

We have offices in both Europe and UK.


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