Mix and Match – 216 – Digital


Within the pages of our magazine, we embark on a captivating journey through the enchanting realm of photography. This edition is dedicated to honoring the diverse tapestry of this art form, unveiling its myriad facets and remarkable beauty. From the art of portraiture, where individuals come alive through the lens, to the poignant narratives depicted in newborn photography. Prepare to be inspired by the visual tales that unfold within these pages, offering glimpses into the vast and captivating world of photography.

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Get to know:

Annie David – Photographer from United States

Front cover: 

Model: Kitty Tran, USA 

Photographer: Liliya Hutyrchyk 

Back cover: 

Models: Kenzie & Kendall, USA

Photographer: Courtney Thorne 

Gown: Silk Fairies

Featured photographers:

Annie David, Lauren Tierney, Sandra Becker, Ashley Bryant, Lisa Vida Snavlin, Brittany Mizzi, Axelle Boogs, Burak Akbulut, Tracey Krick of Soul Focus Seniors, Hilary Reitenour, Christy Mitchell, Crd photographie, Nicole Bainlardi, Sandy Morelli, Christian Rodriguez, Liliya Hutyrchyk, Sandra Becker, Britney Youn, Małgorzata Richards, Ashley Radke- Little Fox Photography, Lynnelee Jo Photograpy, Danielle Banda-Savelli, Camille Swierc, Courtney Thorne, Brooke Weaver- Brooke Denae Photography, Carlee Holyoak, Melissa Cave  

Featured models:

Lissa Jade, Lauren, Lio, Audrey Fortner, Caroline Hagens, Natalie, Ely Boogs, Deniz, Ella D’Agostino, Diane Yore, Amaya, Ayanna & Layla, Oceane Révélant Damour & Marion Solvet, Nicole Bainlardi, Violet Morelli, Paige Aloi, Kitty Tran, Alina & Marco, Erin & Allan Marx, Antos Richards, April Anderson, Andrea Mertz, Cooper Hough, Sacha, Kenzie & Kendall, Torey & Sam, Devin, Averlee & Hadelynn Markestein,  Evie Foster  

In this issue models and photographers from:

Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, UK, USA

Mix and Match – 216 – Digital


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