Maternity, Newborn and Portrait – 2nd edition – 182

Maternity photography is a great way to capture a fleeting yet important moment in a new mother’s life. Whether you’re a professional maternity photographer or an expecting mom that wants a few pointers for taking your own portrait, this issue is for you! 


Newborn photography is one of the most beautiful areas of photography, bringing together technology, smiling children and the joy of recording each gesture of our little models. The photographic meetings with the newborn baby are the unique moments when parents’ pride is joined with the passion for recording the first moments of life of the tiny babies.


Portrait photography is the art of capturing the inherent character of your subject within a photograph.

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Get to know:

Rebekah Lunnd – Photographer from Denmark


Front cover: 

Model: Maroua, France

Photographer: Mommy Babies and Co 


Back cover: 

Model: Thomas, USA

Photographer: Tori Bornholdt Photography 


Featured photographers:

Alice Cheng, Lavanya Nageswaralu, Jure & Pika Pirc, Ana Miguel, Marion Mueller, Alexa Wesch Fotografie, Rebeca Tejeda, Andrea Marin, Rebekah Lunnd, Ellen Hill, Evgeniya Moens, Tori Bornholdt Photography, Davina Vanreusel, Laurence Gindt, Zsanett Vass-Major, Charlotte Cooke Photography, Nancy Diaz, Devi Sathia, Mama Bear Portraits, K V Photography, Verónica Gómez Frías, Mommy Babies and Co, Yuliia Skybyk, Virginia Cornici, Heather Morris, Nicola, Iryna Ostapenko 


Featured models:

Sarah, George & Harrison, Miguel, Tjasa, Salvador, Fenja & Sina Bichsel, Kalinowski Family, Martina & Octavio, David, Ana Carina, Kayla Duncan, Ella, Thomas, Elise, Floris & Lars, Mila, Léna, Zoë Daniell, Rose, Mikhael & Mrs Theresia, Esme, Theodore Clark, Alba, Maroua, Kira, Pietro & Lucia, Danielle Rios, Anna 


In this issue models and photographers from:

Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary,  Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Ukraine, USA

Maternity, Newborn and Portrait – 2nd edition – 182


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