Halloween – 4th edition – 215 – Digital


From enchanting pumpkin patches to adorably spooky costumes, and an abundance of whimsical props, Halloween undoubtedly emerges as a veritable feast for photographers, offering a myriad of creative possibilities.

The allure of Halloween lies not only in its bewitching aesthetics but also in the palpable sense of joy and wonder that permeates the atmosphere. It is a time when the mundane transforms into the magical, and every corner becomes a potential canvas for visual storytelling. Photographers, seizing the opportunity, skillfully craft their narratives, weaving tales of enchantment, mystery, and playful revelry.

Whether you are an avid photography enthusiast or simply a lover of the Halloween spirit, we trust that you will find inspiration and delight in the pages that follow. Welcome to a captivating visual journey through the lens of Halloween, where creativity thrives, and magic is preserved in every frame.

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Front cover: 

Models: Annie David & Damon DeCora, USA

Photographer: Maria Manetta 

MUA: everythingmakeuplv

Back cover: 

Model: Hailey, USA 

Photographer: Meghan Asselta 

Featured photographers:

Katka Bohuslávková, Beatriz, Andrea Flores, Trevor Parker, AJH Visuals, Elya Myers, Júlia Oliveira, Maria Manetta, Faith Driver, Verónica Lara, Micheala Henrichs, Sian Tyrrell, Tammy Firth Photography, Kevin Orta, Meghan Asselta, Kelly D’Annunzio, Stef Caught You, Katie Leclerc Photography, Johanna Pake, Brittney Bradley, Meghan Asselta, Lynzie Erin Photography, Sydney Henderson Photography, Lisa Trimarchi-Guttman  

Featured models:

Sára Pavlásková, Begoña, Irma Flores, Taylor Jereb, Naim Kamili, Alina Myers, Caroline Angelino, Annie David & Damon DeCora, Victoria Crowther & Liam Sidhu, Emma Sánchez, River Henrichs, Vulgar Superstitions, Mia, Kenzie, Kimberly, Jackie, Stef, Lauren, Jackie & Hank Sherr, Faith Simmons, Amanda VanDusen & Amber Poleviyuma, Hailey, Sydney Guthrie, Matthew & Beetle, Holly Mauchan    

In this issue models and photographers from:

Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Ireland, Spain, UK, USA

Halloween – 4th edition – 215 – Digital


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