Halloween – 1st edition – 212

From enchanting pumpkin patches to adorably spooky costumes, and an abundance of whimsical props, Halloween undoubtedly emerges as a veritable feast for photographers, offering a myriad of creative possibilities.

The allure of Halloween lies not only in its bewitching aesthetics but also in the palpable sense of joy and wonder that permeates the atmosphere. It is a time when the mundane transforms into the magical, and every corner becomes a potential canvas for visual storytelling. Photographers, seizing the opportunity, skillfully craft their narratives, weaving tales of enchantment, mystery, and playful revelry.

Whether you are an avid photography enthusiast or simply a lover of the Halloween spirit, we trust that you will find inspiration and delight in the pages that follow. Welcome to a captivating visual journey through the lens of Halloween, where creativity thrives, and magic is preserved in every frame.

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Front cover: 

Model: Bodhi Hanley, USA

Photographer: Dana Hanley 

MUA: Monica Halligan 

Back cover: 

Model: Layla, USA 

Photographer: Hunter Rose Photography 

Featured photographers:

Wencke Neumann, Leah Dunn, Vintage Daisy Photography, Allison McKee, MM Photography, Laura Kemp Photography, Patta Binder, Jere Hirvonen, Ginger Love Photography, Jennifer Stanley, Estelle Photographer, Tanya Pagan, Selina Dixon, Jaymi Zuchowski – Obscura Bizarre, Tayler Miller Photography, Hunter Rose Photography, Dana Hanley, Nicole Bainlardi, Christy Achillich, Mallory Bramlett, Anthony Zazuetta, Brenda Nathieli, Hayley Craven, Racheal of Photography Sisters, Chantel Miller Photography, Bella Rose Durante, Sona Sreenivasan, Melody, Faith Letcher, Tuonen tyttö – Ferryman

Featured models:

Maik Neumann, Ryan, Madison & Olivia, Logan, Alivia, Sophie, Sabrina Parker, Helena Weber, Minja Hirvonen, Angel & Janelle Vazquez, James Lott, Antonia, Ashlyn, Amber Gunby, Jason Stege & Jaymi Zuchowski, Layla, Bodhi Hanley, Nicole Bainlardi, Kayla Michelle, Charlotte, Gema Juárez Jasleen Urquidez, Ana Caroline C. Aguiar, Mikayla Cox, Morgan, Joshua Miller, Madison Borowinski, Karlee Siemens, Erika Marler, Meghan Darrough, Emma 

In this issue models and photographers from:

Brazil, Canada, Finland, Germany, Scotland, UK, USA

Halloween – 1st edition – 212


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