The Best Camera for Newborn Photography in 2023

Best Camera for Newborn Photography

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Capturing the essence of newborns is an art that requires precision and attention to detail. One of the most critical components of newborn photography is the camera used to capture the perfect shot.

Choosing the best camera for newborn photography is crucial to ensure that you capture the perfect moments that will last a lifetime.

The Best Camera for Newborn Photography

Canon EOS R5

I can confidently say that the Canon EOS R5 is the perfect camera body for newborn photography. 

The Canon EOS R5 is equipped with a 45-megapixel full-frame sensor, allowing you to capture stunningly detailed and high-quality images of newborns.

It has an impressive ISO range of 100-51200, which means you can easily adjust your settings to get the perfect shot in any lighting condition. Plus, the camera’s autofocus system is lightning-fast and accurate, ensuring that you’ll never miss a moment during a newborn session.

One of the most important features of the Canon EOS R5 for newborn photography is its ability to shoot silently. This means that you won’t disturb sleeping newborns during a session, allowing you to capture those precious moments without any distractions.

Additionally, the camera’s in-body image stabilization (IBIS) ensures that your shots are always sharp and steady, even when shooting handheld.

Best Camera for Newborn Photography


1. High-quality images and video: The Canon EOS R5 produces high-quality images and videos with its advanced autofocus and image stabilization systems.

2. Versatile: The camera is versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, including portrait, landscape, and action photography.

3. Fast and efficient: The camera features fast and efficient processing speeds, allowing for quick and smooth capturing of images and videos.


1. Expensive: The Canon EOS R5 is quite expensive, making it inaccessible for many photographers who are on a budget.

2. Overheating issues: The camera has been criticized for overheating issues when recording long videos or taking multiple shots in quick succession.

3. Limited battery life: The camera’s battery life is limited, and photographers need to carry extra batteries or chargers if they plan on shooting for extended periods.

Nikon Z7 II

Full-frame mirrorless camera that delivers exceptional image quality. It features a 45.7-megapixel sensor and a hybrid autofocus system with 493 focus points that cover 90 percent of the frame.

The Z7 II also has a high-speed continuous shooting rate of up to 10 frames per second, making it ideal for capturing those adorable newborn poses. It also has a tilting touchscreen LCD screen and in-body image stabilization.

Best Camera for Newborn Photography


1. High-quality image and video resolution

2. Advanced autofocus system

3. Dual memory card slots

4. Weather-sealed body

5. Ergonomic design for comfortable use


1. Expensive compared to other cameras in its class

2. Limited lens selection for the new Z mount

3. Short battery life

4. No built-in flash

5. Limited compatibility with third-party accessories.

Sony Alpha a7R IV

Full-frame mirrorless camera with a whopping 61-megapixel sensor. It boasts a fast autofocus system with 567 phase-detection autofocus points and a continuous shooting rate of up to 10 frames per second.

The a7R IV also has in-body image stabilization and a tilting touchscreen LCD screen.

Best Camera for Newborn Photography


1. High-resolution sensor: The Sony Alpha a7R IV features a high-resolution 61-megapixel sensor, making it ideal for capturing intricate details and producing images with stunning clarity.

2. Advanced autofocus system: With 567 phase-detection autofocus points and 425 contrast-detection points, the a7R IV is equipped with an advanced autofocus system that can quickly and accurately track subjects, even in challenging lighting conditions.

3. Customizable controls: The camera’s controls can be customized to suit the user’s preferences, allowing for more efficient and faster operation.


1. Expensive: The Sony Alpha a7R IV is a high-end camera and comes with a premium price tag, making it less accessible to casual photographers or those on a tight budget.

2. Battery life: The a7R IV’s battery life is relatively short compared to other high-end cameras, which may be a concern for photographers who need to shoot for extended periods.

3. Limited lens options: While the a7R IV is compatible with a wide range of lenses, the selection of native Sony lenses is relatively limited compared to other camera systems. This may be a disadvantage for photographers who require a specific type of lens for their work.

FujiFilm GFX 50S

Medium format mirrorless camera that offers exceptional image quality. It features a 51.4-megapixel sensor and a hybrid autofocus system with 425 focus points.

The GFX 50R also has a continuous shooting rate of up to three frames per second, making it a bit slower than the other contenders on our list. However, it makes up for it with its exceptional image quality and in-body image stabilization.

It also has a tilting LCD screen that can be adjusted for easier shooting angles.

Best Camera for Newborn Photography


1. High-quality images: The Fujifilm GFX 50S produces stunningly sharp images with excellent color reproduction.

2. Large sensor size: The camera has a huge 51.4-megapixel sensor, which provides excellent detail and dynamic range.

3. Wide range of lenses: The GFX 50S has a wide range of lenses available, which allows photographers to choose the right lens for any situation.

4. High-quality build: The camera is built to a high standard, with a magnesium alloy body and weather sealing, making it durable and reliable.


1. Expensive: The GFX 50S is a pricey camera, which may be beyond the budget of some photographers.

2. Large and heavy: The camera is quite large and heavy compared to other mirrorless cameras, which may be an issue for some photographers who need a more portable option.

3. Limited autofocus: The autofocus system on the GFX 50S is not as advanced as other high-end cameras, which may limit its capabilities in certain situations.

4. Limited video capabilities: The camera’s video capabilities are limited to Full HD, which may not be sufficient for professional videographers who need 4K or higher resolution.

Best Camera for Newborn Photography

Features of the Best Camera for Newborn Photography

It’s recommended to go for a full frame or an APS-C camera. This will help you make the most out of the available light.

Camera resolution

For parents looking to print large images of their newborn, a decent resolution is necessary. A camera with at least 12 megapixels is recommended, but having 20 or more can be even better.

However, cameras with higher megapixels may not perform as well with high ISOs and can emphasize imperfections on the baby’s skin, leading to more post-processing work.

Frame rate

In terms of frame rate, newborn photography is similar to still life photography since babies are often photographed while sleeping. Therefore, investing in an expensive, high-speed camera is not necessary.


Newborn photography is often done using natural window light to avoid startling the baby with a flash. When looking for a camera for newborn portraits, it’s important to choose one that performs well at higher ISO levels since indoor scenes often require more than the base ISO 100.

A camera with excellent noise ratings for higher ISOs is ideal.


Image stabilizers in the lens or camera body can also boost low-light quality, enabling you to shoot at slower shutter speeds without increasing the ISO.


When selecting a lens for your camera body, a wide aperture such as f/2.8 is preferable over kit lenses with f/5.6. A 35mm or 50mm f/1.8 lens is a great choice for newborn photography, and many affordable versions are available.

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