Portrait – 243 – Digital


In this edition, we’re highlighting outstanding portrait photographs that capture the unique essence of each subject. Portrait photography is more than just taking pictures; it’s an art form that skillfully freezes moments, revealing the individual’s character. Our featured images showcase diverse subjects, skillfully framed to emphasize their distinct personalities.

The photographers demonstrate exceptional mastery, using light, shadow, and expression to create compelling visual narratives. Explore the captivating world of portrait photography with us, where each frame tells a story and invites you to appreciate the depth of the human experience. Enjoy the simplicity and power of these images that go beyond the visual, reaching into the soul of the subjects.

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Get to know:

Layra Fuentes – Photographer from United States

Front cover: 

Model: Averie Cota, USA

Photographer: Emily Paredes 

Back cover: 

Model: Evvi Sandlin, USA

Photographer: Leila White  

MUAH: Gina Samantha Sandlin

Featured photographers:

 Emily Dobias Photography, Jessica, Salvatore Cataldo, Ellina Leah Golden, Megan Trant, Sarah Herman,  Jennifer Stanley, Vanessa-Schmidt-Fotografie, Emily Paredes, MK Sweet Memories Sweet Photography LLC, Leila White, Layra Fuentes, Samantha Wiersma, Emma Lipinski, Mariëlle Verstappen Fotografie, Jessica Bischof, Lisa Trimarchi-Guttmam, Stephanie Murphy-Fictum, Ashley Radke- Little Fox Photography, Ashley Regan, Snowyrock Photography, Andrew Ellam – Creative Studios, Zsóka Molnár, Allie Bean Photography, Rosa Dean- Peaty, Krzysztof Pobozan 

Featured models:

Nevy, Mahaliah, Amanda, Isabel Soleil Golden & Daisy, Maddie Jin, Christian, Sophia Roysdon, Fiona-Joélle, Averie Cota, Ashanti, Evvi Sandlin, Melissa, The Goedkens, Brooke & Tyler Syring, Lesley, Leilani, Holly, Emily Jackson & Kyle Warner, Fredrica T. & Family, Beretta & Mac McRoy, Ella, Sophie DiManna, Patrick, Kaiden, R.J., Patrycja Błaszczyk  

In this issue models and photographers from:

Australia, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, USA


Portrait – 243 – Digital


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