Author: Hayley Kotzur

The Featured Assault is my subtle approach in portraying the hidden culture of sexual assault and domestic violence.

My aim was to get communities and audiences to understand that these issues surround us all, but the mass of people don’t understand it, or recognise the warning signs. The majority of victims are also too reserved, embarrassed or even misunderstanding towards the enormity of the situation to speak of it. Therefore, within my work I display emotions of reservation and disturbance, whilst keeping their bodies on show, highlighting the involvement and importance behind this. Although, it is the pinpointed lighting that is what exaggerates the importance of their bodies. I aimed to display my series with a sleek and visually pleasing viewpoint and content during first glance. It is once you look deeper, you find what’s important; realising that the highly staged and specific lighting is not for visual satisfaction, but rather a silent way of indicating the areas of the body effected by assault, such as rape, inappropriate touching, hitting and scratching.