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Author: Bethany Ellen

Taking Your Maternity Photos from Boring to Beautiful

Are you bored when it comes to maternity photos? It’s okay to admit it. I was. I felt like all of my poses were the same. Nothing felt new or original, and I was frustrated. Maternity just felt so boring to me! I felt broken, like I was doing something wrong.

I WAS doing something wrong. If you feel like you’re in a rut, there are definitely ways to improve your diversity, client experience, and your mindset.

You are the artist. You are the expert.

The reason every session of mine felt the same? I was letting my clients art direct the session.

That is NOT why they hired me! They wanted my eye, my expertise! Clients drew their inspiration solely from what they saw online. It is supposed to be my job to dig deeper to find the art in each family and translate that into photos.

Instead of the go to poses you always do, think of the story you can tell. Is this her first child, her fifth child, or a rainbow baby? Is mama a healthcare professional, a CEO, or an amazing stay at home mom? How can you tell her story and treat her like the incredible woman she is?

Empower mothers to be.

Pregnancy is a strange time. Your body goes through so many changes. Some mothers may not feel as comfortable in their temporary body. Its your job to make her feel amazing! Wardrobe is a big part in this! Quality gowns from local designers can transform the way a pregnant woman feels about herself. If the budget doesn’t allow for buying, renting is something you can also do! MamaBumpRentals is an amazing company that purchases high quality gowns and allows you to rent them.

Photograph mama in poses that indicate power, strength, and beauty. Look for shapes! Triangles and curves make an image more pleasing to the eye. I have my mamas place their weight on their back foot when I pose them. This sticks their hips out, which creates that nice curve of their back. Make sure she takes frequent breaks and drinks plenty of water.

Experience is everything.

When you tell potential clients what you do, you are selling so much more than pretty pictureson the wall.

You are telling them about their experience with your business! Experience is what separates you from every other photographer in your area. By having an artistic design, elevated wardrobe, and concern for client safety, your clients will refer you to everyone they know!

Remember, maternity photos are a celebration of how far your client has come in just a few months. She is learning to love someone she has never met yet. This is the most intimate family portrait you can take. Remember that honor. Cherish it. Don’t capture every session the same.


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