Benefits of Getting Your Photos Published in a Magazine

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Researching and prepping one single submission can eat up your precious time. But if you want to build a reputation as a model or photographer, the effort is TOTALLY worth it.

What are the benefits of having your photographs published in a magazine?

1. You Will be “Googleable”

A list of featured models and photographers is on Lensational Magazine website and makes it easy for people to browse your name and become familiar with your work. That’s good news for your link-building efforts: The more sites that link to your website, the more popular – and visible – you will be in search engine results. Go to the Latest Issue and check the “credits” content.

2. Free Advanced Photographer Search Registration

Lenseeker network gives you access to talented photographers and models across the world.

Go to the Lenseeker and check our search engine.

3. You Establish Instant Credibility

Contributing to publications means that your work has been vetted by authority sources. When people look up your name or your company, what do they see? If recognizable sites show up, your work is taken much more seriously. You can also mention on your site and social media where you’ve been featured to provide credibility.

When you tweet and post on social media about your latest publication credits, you establish a reputation for yourself as a photographer/model worth noting. It’s nice to have something to share on the News page of your website.

Publications in photography or model magazines make your CV and portfolio look much more impressive.

4. Global Presence

A reputable publication can expose your image to thousands of people. These are often people with an interest in your chosen field.

Once published, a digital or printed magazine will be globally available. Photographer/Model can reach a worldwide audience to share their work. Moreover, the readers may easily share magazines among their friends and family, which further enhances the publication’s user base. Lensational Magazine allow to send content to readers no matter their location.

5. Print Magazines are Unlike Social Media

People still read magazines, whether we’re talking print publications or digital magazines. The average magazine reader is also more likely to look at your photo and absorb it. They’ve paid for those high-quality inkjet printouts, after all. Users can’t skip over your image without a thought.

6. You Gain Valuable Experience From The Publication Process

Being published in photography/modelling magazine establishes that you have taken the time to learn some of the etiquette of the publishing industry. You also show that you can work with editors on a professional level, stick to your goals, and manage deadlines.

7. It Gives You a Photography/Modelling Goal to Work Towards

Usually, you won’t have a tutor to give you feedback on your work. By aiming to submit photos to magazine you will give yourself a goal to work towards. That could be to have one photo published at first. Then 100.

When you do have a photo printed, it can give a great boost and a feeling of pride. Every time you score an acceptance email from an editor, you gather proof that your work is in demand.

8. You Get to Connect With New People

Networking is never a waste of time. Having your photos and name published in a magazine is marketing not only to the public but to every art director in the industry and gives you more credibility in their eyes.

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