ISSUE #82: Valentine and Love

February 2021

Valentine’s Day is one occasion when people in love tend to strengthen their relationship or relive the bond between them. And what can be better than taking plenty of beautiful photos of you and your special one?


Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity for photographers to practice love story and romantic photo shoots.

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Get to Know:

Miss Nikki G.

Photographer from United States

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Front cover:

Model: Trista Hammans |  USA

Photographer: Connie Etter Photography 

Back cover:

McKayla & Estevan  |  USA

Photographer: PS Photography

Featured photographers:

Ashley Loebs with Ashley Dawn Photography, Brianna Zarins - Cuddlebug Photography, Erica Rhodes Photography, Jayson Higgins, Dolce Amore Photography, Alix Clark, Anna Spiridonova, Karyn Easton, Jette McCormick, K Jones Photography, Kristen Conway Photography, Lydia Herrera, Connie Etter Photography, Martina Jefferson Photography, Michelle Friesen - Pure Light Photography, PS Photography, Shaina Jordan Photography, Stephanie Schnautz - Chasing Joy Photography, Taylor Martin Photography, Tommie Stricklin - Whispering Meadows Photography, Miss Nikki G., Samaneh Saeedi, Alexey Sedov, Caryn Smith, Marie - Josee Pelchat - MJP Photographie, Sara Kearney Photographer, Sierra Farley & Michelle Bilyeu from Momma and Me Photo, Tatiana Sikoutris, Cassie Ackerson Photography, Kathy Kusturic 

Featured models:


Victoria & Jeff, Grady Zarins, Kadence & Spencer Rhodes, Remi & RJ Hinkle, Laura & Carlos, Hedvika Fialova, Trudi & Luke Bechard, Zuza & Lukasz, Jemma Carlin - Wells & Luke, Greg & Linda Martin, Destiny & Adam, Selena Herrera, Trista Hammans, Maxwell Jefferson, Ella Watrin, McKayla & Estevan, Timber, Josh & Kelsey Sebo, Madelyn Martin, The Greens, Victoria & Tyler R, Natalie Gharabeigi, Sedova Anna, Kassidy Smith, Philippe Viel & Kim Bouchard, Rocco DeRobertis, Johna Dunigan & Austin, Daniel Sikoutris, Thomas, Isabel & Leahbel Seijas    

Models and Photographers from: 

Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Iran, Poland, Russia, UK, USA


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