ISSUE #76: Newborn

January 2021

Newborn photography is one of the most beautiful areas of photography, bringing together technology, smiling children and the joy of recording each gesture of our little models. The photographic meetings with the newborn baby are the unique moments when parents' pride is joined with the passion for recording the first moments of life of the tiny babies.

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Front cover:


Model: Lakireddy -  USA

Photographer: L&I. T Photography

Back cover:


Photographer: Paige Koster

Featured photographers:

Aneta Pater Photography, Geniann Elliott Photography, Carine Photography, Shalisa Edwards - Face2Face Photography, Bailey Fett Photography, Tess Jasmine Photography, Jennifer Rood, Katie Tocker Photography, L&I. T Photography, Amy McManus, Natali Gresa, Shruti Dilip Redkar, Sarah Herman - S.L. Herman Photography, Special Moments Photography by Subha, Brittnie Al-Bataa of Sunkissed Photography, Anna Labuda, Meghan Blanton, Stephanie Henry Photography, Angela Pope, Abigail Orellana - Bovice Photography LLC, Lily Carter, Deborah Blasco Climent, Jillian Hamilton - Sit Pretty Photography, Mónica Pereira,Paige Koster

Featured models:


Zosia, Anson, Stella, Beau Asher, Isaiah Vandenberg, Emma, Jayda, Stella Mathewson, Nora, Lakireddy, Colton, Finley, Navish Chandok, Rhya, Aanam, Abby, Kalina, Emmitt, Adeline, Ezra Van Etten, William, Elijah Standal, Enzo Ramirez Castillo, Lola 

Models and Photographers from: 

Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Spain, UK, USA


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