ISSUE #82: Top 2020

December 2020

It was a long year made to feel longer by the shadows that lay across it. However, photography has helped to not only document these trying times, but to also pave a road to beauty and inspiration. Let’s take a look back at photographs to close year of 2020.

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Get to Know:

Katlyn Steen

Photographer from United States

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Front cover:

Model: Agam Avdayev  |  Israel

Photographer: Liat Federman 

Back cover:

Model: Walker  |  USA

Photographer: Michelle Osborne Photography

Featured photographers:

Amy Plourde. Anahid Donyavi, Andrea Segars Photography, Brandi Vaughn, Photobscule, Cindy Arthur Photography, White Violet Photography, Mariana Giselle Arevalo, Claire Sullivan, Amy Paulhamus - Moments by Amy Photography, Jada Alyce Photography, James Rodrigues Geira,  J.A. Photography - Jurate Alaseviciene, Liat Federman, Lucia Giri, C, onnie Etter Photography, Michelle Osborne Photography, Nefeltary, Anna Jekatierynczuk, Nichole Briggs - Nichole B Photography, Rebecca Lord - Lyon, Katlyn Steen, Veronica Meng Photography, Jeanelie Canonigo, Julija Zuikova, Tim Bracey

Featured models:


Juli Fillipone, Sara, Lexi Mack, Mariah Pestock, Ainsley Carpenter, Mickaela Franklin, Leon, Elsie & Sid, Vera, Mateo & Kirsten Fuentes, Giovanna Rodrigues & Samira Borel, Haley Raine & Bella, Agam Avdayev, Lucia Giri, Trista Hammans, Walker, Erika, Katarzyna Klosinska & Ula Anczewska, Paige Briggs, Lenox & Callum Lord - Lyon, Halie Feldman, Caitlin Swanson, Kyndle Jenkins, Diana Zeledon, Julija Zuikova, Emma Baxter  

Models and Photographers from: 

Argentina, Costa Rica, France, India, Iran, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Slovakia, UK, USA


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