ISSUE #70: Portrait and Emotions

november 2020

Being able to capture subjects showing emotion (whether that be positive or negative) not only allows to show viewer a more human aspect of subject, but it can also help create compelling and arresting imagery.

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Get to Know:

Joy Perez

Photographer from United States

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Tetyana Tomashpolska

Photographer from Egypt

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Front cover:


Model: Kasia & David  |  UK

Photographer: Kidi Photography by Ella

Back cover:

Models: Jasson Arzola & Patience McCormick  |  USA

Photographer: Kristi Patillo Photography

Featured photographers:

Anastasia Buchter Photography, Allison DeRome, Bucur Ancuta Elena, Atieh Bakhtiary Majd, Cecile Dreyer, Photogra_Cy, Debbie Elisa Photography LLC, Erica Lohan, EJ Photography LLC, Emily Paredes, Fernanda Saavedra, Jorgelina Campopiano, Kidi Photography by Ella, Kristi Patillo Photography, Helen Mountaniol, Mokkun, Moments Photography by Tundi, Natalia Demchenko, Nicole Hill, Kanyukova Olga, Sarah Pelka - Pelka Photography, Ana Verdugo, Dolce, Joy Perez, Tetyana Tomashpolska, Jamie Irvin Photography, Anna Wanczko

Featured models:


Catherine, Justin & Elowen, Britta, Sam & Finn Hanzlik, Dumitrascu Matei, Atieh Bakhtiary Majd, Todd & Amber, Romeo Kirsch, Jennifer & Lamar, Lana Dahman, Stella & Chance Kapahulehua, Camila Lauman, Tiziano Caro, Kasia & David, Arzola & Patience McCormick, Yana Tregubova, Asami Shiratori, Sophie, Julia & Lyon Prijmak, Macie Hill, Isabel & Georiga Weathers, Ksenija Kanyukova, Stepan, Maksim, Timofej Kanyukov, The May Family, Lola Marcolini, Moa, Brandi B., Elora & Alia, Stephanie & Addison Prather, Laura 

Models and Photographers from: 

Argentina, Canada, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Japan, Poland, Romania, Russia, UK, USA


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