ISSUE #68: Tattoo

November 2020

In modern years, tattoos have become more prominent in society. This is likely due to tattoos becoming much more accepted and tattoo artists becoming more and more experimental. Different artists are now trying out different art forms. As a result, a niche for photographershas opened up – tattoo photography.

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Get to Know:

Federica Maffongelli

Model from Netherlands

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Front cover:

Model: Meghan Ade  |  Canada

Photographer: Manvir 

Back cover:

Model: Ciarra Delever  |  USA

Photographer: Kathryn Nelson - Boudie & Lace Maternity/Boudoir Photography

Featured photographers:

Charlie Meijer, Torben Raun, Emma Standal - Pittsburgh Boudoir, Frederik Pille, Erica Moulton of Images by E, Natalia Pont Photographie, Instinct Photography, Jason Michalski Photography, Javon Longieliere, Jennifer Helms - J Helms Photography, Kathryn Nelson - Boudie & Lace Maternity/Boudoir Photography, Laura Daniels - LaLaYeags   Photography, Lily Patlan Fine Art Photo, Luis C. Gaytan, Mackenzie Childress, Manvir, Portraits by Chasity, Henk Ros, Sabrina Boirel, Eva Fiedler - EVAPIX

Featured models:


Martijn Oster, Federica Maffongelli, Melanie Nelson, Carlo Burmeister, Misty Peer, Athena & Jeremie, Amber Ziegler, Justine Schiavone, Dawn Longieliere, Zach, Alix, Skylar, Addi & Paysley Kist, Ciarra Delever, Nathan & Lauren Joyce, Martin & Mateo, Pekhe,  Myriah Green, Mackenzie Childress, Meghan Ade, Tyler & Kaysen Dahlem, Jamie Kaffa, Aurelie, Jozsef Herezeg

Models and Photographers from: 

France, Germany, Hungary, Mexico, Netherlands, USA


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