ISSUE #65: Water

October 2020

Water is a beautiful subject to photograph. It can be as dramatic as a waterfall, predictable as a fountain, vast like the ocean, or just a winding exciting river. Whatever the source, it can be a point of interest in your image or an element of your composition. Water is everywhere, of course, and pretty easy to incorporate into your portrait work. 

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Get to Know:

Kirstie Squier

Photographer from United States

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Evgenia Pogalova

Photographer from Canada

Front cover:


Model: Eva Mikulski  |  France 

Photographer: Dany Tran

MUA: Ambre Clichy

Back cover:

Model: Maria  |  Canada

Photographer: Evgenia Pogalova 

Featured photographers:

Michal Kazimierczuk, Kirstie Squier, Cassandra Stephens - CLS Photography, Dany Tran, Sofia Vela - Sofi Vela Photography, Chrystal Ferreira, Summer Danaher, Irina Sharova, Monroy Image Photography,  Karolina Potok, Cat Brown Jelly Bean Photography, Liz McNeil, Paul Cooley, Lorenzo Johnson, Melissa Martin Photography, Amber McWhorter Photography, Olga Vovchuk, Evgenia Pogalova, Ralf Wilschewski, Nina Lavoy Photography, Valentyna Schneider, Madalena Rodrugues, Jessica Mortensen, Jess Gompper - J Gompper Photography, Ana Verdugo, Kimberley Anne - Time’s Standing Still Photography

Featured models:


Justyna Nowakowska, Gerriann Kruger, Stacey Fircus, Eva Mikulski, Sandra & Gianluca, Chrystal Ferreira, Janna Greenwood & Jake Amos, Darina Bazarbayeva, Lilah & Aniyah, Weronika Marszalkowska, Reggie Brown, Caroline Jones, Kelly Casey, Nina Hunt, Sarah & Tom Elliott, Lexi & Dustin, Olga & Roman Vovchuk, Aleksandra, Robyn Nordlund, Victoria Allen, Marina Malyarenko, Ana Catarina Santos, Sandra Kay Wilkey, Claire & Andrew Gogan, Lorenzo Inostroza & Benicio Ian Ortiz, Benjamin Cruseno Villegas, Maria, Nick & Haleigh Masciocchi 

Models and Photographers from: 

Argentina, Canada, France, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, UK, USA


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