ISSUE #10: Creativity

November 2019

Creative photography is about putting ideas into practice and seeing awesome results from unexpected setups. In every field of photography, there are multiple ways to create stunning pictures. For some of the photographers, it is all about keeping consistency in their work that makes their images outstanding. For some photographers, consistency might be the thing that slows down their inspiration and ability to create their work. Hence, they are trying new ways and ideas to create unique photos.

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Get to Know:

Dasha Pears

Conceptual Photographer from Helsinki

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Front cover:


"Paint"  -  Finland

Photographer: Dasha Pears

Back cover:

Model: Shio Jimenez - UK

Photographer: Owen Dollentas

Featured photographers:

Melissa Whellams, Aline Fontes, Gurevich Yevgen "Taki", Manuel Gonzalez Fotografia, Chrystal Ferreira, Thomas Oscar Miles Photography  |  Marina Knysh, Quite The Opposite Photography, Federicodelfreo, Ofir Avrahamov "Studio Bepita", Chorale Miles

Kustom Dezigns  Photography By Lisa Adams, Studio Loc, Bruno Baretto Petite Rose Photography, Dende Na Foto - Marcelo Vasques, Chorale Miles, Oksana Terlyuk, Jerry Stevenson Photography


Featured models:


Scolton & Alexa Fortner, Paula & Papai, Maria, Raquel Loizou, Thomas, Sarah Ralph, Anna, Brynn Hershey, Krishna, Sandra Rahayu, Elizabeth Sakharov, Alicelippii, Eva, Gracie Drinkwater, Hanna Koghut, Brian Navarette, Iris Happanen & Minna Kosonen, Kristina, Anita, Eugenia Chaykina, Anastasia, Rita Beghm & Annika Winter, Erika Barbara Botacci, Elena & Maria, Lera Mainaya 

Models and Photographers from: 

Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, France, India, Israel, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, UK, Ukraine, USA


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